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Welcome to Healthy Body, Fit Mind
Our mission is to be a valuable fitness resource for Baby Boomers and Beyond. Together we can attain optimal fitness… one body, one mind, one goal at a time!

At Healthy Body, Fit Mind we take a thoughtful approach to fitness with true customization designed around your lifestyle, goals and current fitness level.

Integrative Fitness is  combining the mind and body to reach new levels of health and fitness. You develop strength, endurance, balance, flexibility and kinesthetic awareness through the use of balance and core exercise, correct breathing techniques, weight training exercises and various activities. We specialize in teaching clients how to gain and apply these concepts into all of their movements whether in fitness activity or daily living activity.

By coaching and encouraging clients and addressing their specific health concerns and challenges we are hearing incredible breakthroughs in their physical and personal lives! No matter what your current age, fitness level or predisposition, through movement and mindful awareness you can change and continue to improve and enjoy your life!

Sounds like a tall order, but we have to start thinking big picture. From how we eat, to how much sleep we get, the level of stress we experience and if we’re even having any darn fun. It’s time to live life to its fullest!”

MaryAnn Molloy, Chief Fitness Officer

Let’s work together to create a truly customized, personalized, realistic and doable life long approach to fitness and wellness as part of your daily routine!

Please join me on this adventure. Tell your friends, tell your friend’s friends and we can change one body, one mind, one at a time! Remember, we are role models for our daughters, our sisters and other women following along our paths!


American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) CPT – Certified Personal Trainer
CPR Certification – American Red Cross
Member of ACSM
Member of ACE
Member of IDEA
Member of AARP
Member of Senior Fitness Association

Over Fifteen years in the Fitness field
Behavior Modification – Nutri-System & Jenny Craig
Owned/operated a women’s health club
Group Instructor/Step Fitness
Tumbling Tots Instructor