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Workouts For Over 50 To Get in Shape, To Tone, Lose Fat


So it is the New Year, you are over 50 and wondering what is the best method for getting into shape. The workout choices are endless and everyone has an opinion about the best method or workout equipment, and why is that? Simple it worked for them. But is it the method they used or just the idea that they chose a program and just did it?

The system you use is not as important as your commitment to the system, borrowing a phrase from Nike, Just Do It! No matter what it is just choose a method/system and stick with it, you can always make some adjustments to fit your goals. But do not fall victim to paralysis by analysis! Holding out until you find the perfect system or machine will not get you anywhere, and after a while you will become discouraged with your efforts and fall back into your old habits.

The best place to start is with a visit to your doctor if you feel it is necessary, however if you feel you are in good enough shape to workout then by all means start somewhere even if it is a walk around the block. Once you start to get into the habit of working out (just like you got in the habit of NOT) it will become easier and you can increase the intensity.

Here is a quick checklist to help you get started:
1. Decide whether you want to lose weight or gain muscle or both.
2. Decide whether you are going to workout at home or join a gym.
3. Decide how much it is that you want to gain or lose.
4. Decide on a time frame to accomplish your goals but be realistic!
5. Now get started!

A side note, if you get started and then fail to work out for a while do not get discouraged and quit, just get back on schedule and keep going, remember it is a habit you are forming but a good one!
We have all created bad habits of some sort and it did not happen overnight.

It seems so simple, but as with many things, easier said than done. If you want to lose some of that extra baggage then take in fewer calories and burn up the ones that you are taking in.

workouts for over 50

One of the other issues that often times accompanies men as they age is the fact that their metabolism slows making it more difficult for them to burn the calories that they take in. A slower metabolism means that the fat burning furnace isn’t working to full capacity.

So what do you need to do to get your furnace stoked to the point where it’s ramping up its fat burning capabilities to maximum capacity? It’s important to eat a well-balanced meal and it’s also important to combine that with a fat burning workout that can get the job done.

Weight training and speed work of some sort are a few excellent workouts to help you burn some of those extra pounds.

Weight training can involve free weights or machines or it can also involve body weight training programs. Body weight training is becoming more and more popular because it doesn’t require any equipment and you don’t need to go to a gym or make room in your house for weight equipment.

Speed training as in hill sprints, martial arts training, punching and kicking a heavy bag, and just generally increasing the speed of the movements that one does and taking less of a break in between your sets are great ideas to ramp up that metabolism and start the fat burning fire going at full blast.

One of the fat burning workouts for men over 50 that is continuing to grow and gather up followers is the Combat Endurance Training workout. Developed by a Special Forces captain this workout offers elements of cardiovascular fitness, core and upper body strength work, and flexibility. The workout can also be ramped up to any level that the individual desires to achieve the maximum fat burning results.

Life after 50 can and should be invigorating. You’ve earned your stripes. It’s a good idea to move into your golden years with a high level of energy, strength, and powerful attitude.

Your time would be well spent to search out and find one of the fat burning workouts for men over 50 and make one of them a regular part of your daily routine. Your health is a gift that can serve you well. It’s a gift that can help to make your golden years magic. Take time to make a choice about your health that will make your 50 plus years spectacular. Best of luck in your search

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